Curriculum Vitae


My research focuses on coastal dynamics and the quantification of its ecological impacts, particularly those in large lakes and the coastal ocean, where stratification and the Earth’s rotation play a dominant role. I study the inner shelf response to wind and surface waves, upwelling dynamics, coastal-trapped waves, formation and transport of harmful algal blooms.
I am particularly interested in surface waves, internal waves, lake and ocean currents, transport of water and sediments and contaminants, and changes in the geomorphology. I use field observations and numerical models to study coastal systems, and develop further understanding of the processes that affect coastal embayments, coastal oceans, estuaries and rivers.
My current research site is Toronto Waterfront and the complex system of embayments of Toronto Harbour, for which I am developing a high resolution model based on unstructured mesh.
I am also interested in renewable energy, and impacts on the environment, specifically, those related to marine tidal current turbines and offshore wind turbines.


2011-2015  Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D) – Environmental Science                                                  University of Toronto, Canada                                                                                    Thesis: Influence of Hydrodynamic Events on Water Quality and Fish                                                          Habitat in the Nearshore Zone and Coastal Embayments of the Great Lakes

2007-2009  Master of Environmental Science (MEnv.Sc.)                                                                University of Toronto, Canada                                                                                    Thesis: Seiche driven water exchange in a shallow coastal lagoon of the  Great                                             Lakes

2006-2007  Bachelor of Education (B.Ed),                                                                                      University of Toronto, Canada                                                                                    Major: Physics, Computer Science

1981-1986  Master in Power Engineering  (Combined Bachelor and Master degree)                          Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania – School of Energy Engineering,                  Thesis: Non-equilibrium sediment transport model, applied to the Danube River


2017-          Senior Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation & Parks
2015-2017   Researcher, Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Toronto, Canada
2011-2015   Researcher, Doctoral Fellow at University of Toronto, Canada
1994-2011   Computer Science and Research and Development positions, Toronto,                            Canada
1990-1994   Researcher/Lecturer, Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania, School of                   Energy Engineering,
1989-1990  Assistant Lecturer, Nicolae Balcescu Agronomic Institute of Bucharest
1986-1990   Researcher, Environmental Research and Engineering Institute, Bucharest,                      Romania


2015-present Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks, 125 Resources Rl, Toronto, ON M3P 3V6
Senior Project Scientist Water Modelling

I develop thri dimensional integrated water circulation and water quality numerical models for the Laurentian Great Lakes.

2015-2017 University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON M1C 1A4
Post-doctoral Researcher, Mitacs Elevate Fellow

I developed a high definition integrated water circulation and water quality 3D numerical model for the Toronto Waterfront in collaboration with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Environment Canada under the umbrella of the Remedial Action Plan, which also has as stakeholders the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Ontario, and City of Toronto. The project is partially funded by Mitacs Elevate, which is a very competitive two-year research program for postdoctoral fellows, in which participants lead and undertake an industrially relevant research project.

  • The project uses the Delft3D-FM (flexible mesh) integrated 3D modelling suite with the wave, sediment transport and morphology, and water quality modules.
  • The model simulations run in parallel hyper-computing clusters using MPI and OpenMP techniques on partitioned meshes.
  • The model based on existing bathymetry is operational and calibrated.
  • Created in Python post processing and visualization tools for Delft3D-FM model results.
  • I am currently evaluating several scenarios that aim to minimize the impact of urbanization developments on the water circulation, water quality in the embayments of Toronto Waterfront. Several climate change scenarios are also evaluated.
  • Used the model to determine the thermal regimes in Toronto Harbour system of embayments to help optimize current restoration work and the creation of new fish habitat.
  • Large datasets of recorded data were mined to provide inputs in the hydrodynamic model and coupling with atmospheric model was done statically through the model output files.
  • Used Geographical Information Systems software to integrate geospatial data into the model.
  • Created semi-annual financial reports and managed budgets.

2011-2014 University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON M1C 1A4

Research Associate, Ph.D. Fellow

I assessed the mechanisms that contribute to the flushing and thermal regimes in several coastal embayments of the Great Lakes, specifically in Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. Analysis of water currents, water levels and temperatures demonstrated that strong water level fluctuations may dominate the exchange flows in the shallow coastal embayments, which contrasts with the conventional wisdom that water circulation in coastal embayments of the Great Lakes is always dominated by baroclinic processes driven by differential heating and upwelling events.

  • Designed and implemented freshwater monitoring projects and used data analysis techniques.
  • Deployed monitoring instruments, such as arrays of benthic, surface and water column thermistor chain loggers, acoustic Doppler current profilers, water level loggers and DO and TP sensors.
  • Developed analytical and numerical models (Delft3D and in-house) to create the mathematical frameworks for data interpretation. Used statistical analysis for cases where the complexity of the problems did not allow a direct mechanistic approach.
  • Performed data analysis on water levels, wind waves, velocity and temperature time series, fish migration data and interpreted the results within the mathematical and model frameworks.
  • Written grant proposals, and managed budgets for research grants. Supervised and mentored graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Created complex data analysis and visualisation tools in Python.
  • Created reading and processing tool in Python for RDI Teledyne acoustic Doppler current profiler data files.

2006-2011 Mapfusion Inc. 66 The Esplanade St., Toronto, ON

Manager Research & Development

I assumed a technical lead role of Mapfusion’s complete suite of map centric business applications.  Our base products were the Geospatial Information Management System and the Internet GIS Mapping Engine. Our branded API provided an easy way to integrate our services through specific communication channels within any enterprise project requiring spatial data.

  • Engineered the full development cycle from customer requirements to deliverables.
  • Designed, implemented and deployed mapping management software using data mining techniques in C++, Java, Python and Javascript programming languages
  • Provided analysis, architecture, design and implementation of the spatial data system services
  • Sustained accessibility and ensured high performance of our Geospatial Information Management System using leading edge database management, Internet and geospatial technologies.
  • Ensured services and products are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Participated in contract negotiations and manage the overall solution delivery.
  • Prepared contractual documents such as Request For Information/Proposal/Quotation (RFI/P/Q), Statement of Work (SOW), and Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Prepared full financial reports for Scientific Research Grants Ontario.
  • Conducted information sessions with existing and potential clients on our geospatial architectures, tools, services, and methodologies that contribute to operational efficiently.
  • Provided work direction and guidance to team staff on a project basis and provided input on staff performance.

2002-2005 Adexa Inc. 250 Yonge St., Toronto ON.

Senior Software Developer

Adexa’s large scale web enabled application server designed to support multiple supply chain tiers family of products. The application server was developed in house in C++ to offer speed advantage over other commercially available products.

  • Provided technical recommendations for the design and implementation of supply chain processing software, including optimization of operations.
  • Designed, implemented and deployed supply management software using data mining techniques and C++, Java, Python and Javascript programming languages
  • Modelled and optimized decision processes using Machine Learning Framework and spectral analysis, such as Fourier and Wavelet Transforms
  • Led the development team of the on-line analytical processing modules
  • Supervised and mentored other developers, reviewed code to ensure quality.
  • Conducted reviews and managed the application server activities to ensure consistency and high quality.

1998-2002 i2 Technologies 5575 North Service Rd., Burlington ON.

Senior Software Developer, Team Lead

i2Techologies provided high quality and high availability supply chain management solutions for vertical and horizontal markets.

  • Responsible for obtaining requirements from customers and created business plans.
  • Provided the architecture and design for the business application.
  • Devised functional specifications and implemented the client/server communication solution for four different transport layers and database back-ends.
  • Provided guidance to the team of developers and ensured the development cycle with unit and comprehensive tests.

1994-1998 Iris Power Engineering Inc. 1 Westside Dr, Unit2, and Etobicoke, ON

Software Developer

Iris Power Engineering provided high quality and high availability monitoring systems for large scale deployments of electrical motors and for thermo- and hydro-electrical generators.

  • Designed, developed and implemented monitoring software application for detection of partial electric discharge in rotors and stators of electrical power generators and large electrical motors.
  • Designed and implemented the database back-end schemes and the application server that provided storage and data mining logic for the monitoring system.

1990-1994 Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest 313 Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest, Romania

Researcher/Assistant Lecturer

I worked as teaching assistant and lecturer at the Department of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery at the Faculty of Power Engineering while completing my first PhD fellowship.

  • Designed and implemented in-house models for sediment transport in rivers and open channels.
  • Designed wind turbine propeller with in-house developed models
  • Modelled water propagation in rivers, open channels, pipes and hydraulic machinery using in-house developed code
  • Tutored undergraduate classes and laboratory demonstrations of hydraulic experiments.
  • Marked undergraduate assignments and exams
  • Taught courses: Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, Numerical Methods

1986-1990 Environmental Research and Engineering Institute, 294 Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest, Romania

Research Engineer

The Environmental Research and Engineering Institute of Bucharest is the Romanian national research institute responsible for scientific and technological development in environmental protection and water management. Its mission is to develop and promote sustainable development practices in the conditions of dynamic climate change.

  • Designed and tested physical hydraulic models using reduced scale laboratory structures for channels and dams.
  • Developed in-house numerical hydrodynamic models for water propagation and sediment transport in the Danube River and open channels
  • Developed flood monitoring systems.
  • Developed in-house numerical atmospheric models for propagation of radionuclides from nuclear power plants.


2015-2017 Post-Doctoral Fellowship Mitacs Elevate Award
2014-2015 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Award
2014 CGS Conference Grant
2013 CGS Travel Award, West Lafayette, USA
2012 Centre for Global Change Science Award,, Delft, Netherlands
2011-2012 Mary H. Beatty Fellowship
2011-2013 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Award
2011-2014 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada CGS D3


Field work planning, configuration, calibration, deployment and installation of:

  • Acoustic Doppler current profilers: Teledyne RDI Workhorse Sentinel 0 MHz and 600 MHz, SonTek PcADP 1500 MHz SonTek ARGONAUT-ADV
  • Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD) RBR XR-620
  • Onset HOBO U22 Water Temperature Pro V2 (accuracy ±0.2ºC)
  • RBR TR-1060 water temperature loggers (accuracy ±0.002ºC)
  • Onset U20-001-04 and U20-001-02-Ti water level loggers
  • Assisted with cruise planning and trained students.
  • Mooring recovery and dissolved oxygen calibration.
  • Tracked, deployed and recovered surface drifters.


  • American Geophysical Union
  • International Association of Great Lakes Research


2012 Environmental modelling in Delft 3D
2012 Hydrodynamic modelling in Delft3D
2015 Leadership in Innovation Mitacs course
2015 Hydrodynamic modelling in Delft3D Flexible Mesh
2016 Foundations of Project Management


1993-1994 Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods
1991-1993 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery
1990 Hydrology, Hydraulics



  • Geographical Information Systems: ArcGIS, GRASS, QGIS, GMT, Remote Sensing
  • Data analysis: Numpy, SciPy, Matlab, R, SPSS, Fourier and Wavelet transforms, scikit-learn, SPSS
  • Hydrodynamic modelling: Delft3D, Delft3D-FM, FVCOM, in-house models
  • Office tools: Word processing, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations
  • Graphical: Inkscape, Gimp, Photoshop, Krita, Corel Draw

Data formats and archiving

  • Hydrodynamic model NetCDF, HDF5, HDFS, ESRI GIS formats, LaTeX

Programming languages

  • Python, C++, C, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, Unix shell, HTML, XML, SQL
  • Parallel supercomputing: Linux clusters, MPI, OpenMP, Open ACC, Anaconda, Hadoop


  • French, German, Romanian


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