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●The major cause of upwelling events are periods of strong westerly winds . We can visually correlate some spikes in the wind speed graph (a) with oscillation of the temperature at a depth pd 10 m (b) and the thermocline oscillation (d)

●On the bottom two plots we have represented the water column temperature temperature May to October. The temperature colour code is represented on the right side.

●The average thermocline depth is at around 9 m, (white line), which corresponds to the average depth in Toronto Harbour main areas.

●Therefore the oscillations of the thermocline will, therefore, propagate unobstructed with full amplitude in the Outer Harbour.

●A visual match can confirm that the temperature oscillation follow the same patterns in the Harbour.

●In addition, smaller amplitude T= ~17 h oscillations of the thermocline (black line ~ 13oC) suggest the Poincaré waves signature Visible in the top right plot. These smaller oscillations can be seen in Toronto Harbour as well.

●Poincaré waves are dispersive gravity waves that have their close to inertial frequency affected by the Coriolis force they are rotating counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere