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1) The study is part of a large project spanning over several years done in collaboration with Carleton University, Toronto Regional Conservation Authority, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and University of Toronto

2) The project aims to determine whether:

conditions in Toronto Harbour can sustain fish stocks, in particular warm water fish

to understand to what degree restoration work done at specific locations have affected the selection of habitat by various species of fish.

Provide a basis for future management of the area.

3) At U of T our aim was to characterize physical processes and understand the causes of temperature variability and currents, which are factors that can influence water quality and selection of habitat.

4) Toronto Harbour is located within the temperate climate zone, therefore experiences large variations of temperatures between the cold and warm season. (background picture)

5) However, our aim was determine the physical processes patterns at fine spatio-temporal scales especially during pre-, post- and stratified periods and its effect on fish movements.